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TRANSPORTATION Warehousing, Packaging & Tranportation (DOT, IATA, & IMO) Compliance
At APS we bring experience as first responders, industry professionals, and community based outreach & response support programs. This permeates all aspects of our approach to the complex and sensitive issues which surround proper transportation and warehouse management. Hazardous Materials also known as Dangerous Goods in the transportation arena.  APS can help you design a Dangerous Goods Transportation Plan (DGTP) which will insure that you properly design and manage the packaging, marking, labeling, documenting, registering, shipping, and carrying of dangerous goods by all modes of transportation.  We can also help you with your Security Awareness Plan, Bi-annual Inspection Terminal, and Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points. If you need fire extinguisher use training, a hot work program and training, a commodity classification analysis, chemical classification analysis a high piled storage permit or an H Occupancy area or building, APS can help you define your solution. Warehousing has many challenges from cost effective use of space to properly protecting the commodities which you are storing and distributing.  Proper design to protect against the natural challenges presented by your specific area and catastrophic event while maximizing the efficiency of day-to-day operations is the greatest challenge of today's warehouse manager. APS can create a customized program which will satisfy the regulatory requirements while creating a usable system for your staff on which you can rest assured that will be actually followed during the day to day operations of your endeavor.  APS has experience with truck, rail, vessel, military and civilian aircraft.
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