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At APS we bring experience as first responders, industry professionals, and community based outreach & response support programs. This permeates all aspects of our approach to the complex and sensitive issues which surround proper hazardous materials management. We create and deliver customized training programs designed to focus on what you need to know . Whether it is safe dispensing of flammable liquids or fall protection, APS can help determine and implement an effective program We also teach the Computer Aided Management of Emergency Operations complete with census tract and GIS mapping using the free software suites from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). APS can generate an all hazards Fire Prevention and Response Plan or Fire Master Plan which is IFC, CFC, FMglobal and NFPA compliant. We can also perform a Threat Risk and Vulnerability Assessment of your facility and tell you where you score on the National Scoring Scale.  We use this assessment to create a threat based customized Business or Community Emergency Response Plan. An inventory or all your hazardous materials organized by the accumulative threat they present due to issues of flammability, combustibility, reactivity, corrosiveness, toxicity, stability, explosiveness, carcinogenicity, and so on. We use this data to determine your legitimate occupancy and your latent hazard level. If you store your products higher than 12', you most probably require a High Pile Storage Permit. Certain commodities (such as idle pallets) trigger permit requirements at as little as 4'6" in height.
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