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PRIME SAFETY Environmental & Safety (OSHA) Compliance
At APS we bring experience as first responders, industry professionals, and community based outreach & response support programs. This permeates all aspects of our approach to the complex and sensitive issues which surround proper safety and environmental risk management. Toxic Release Inventory Reports are required by many Standard Industrial Classification Codes especially if your company does work for the government and uses any of the listed substances, or you exceed the threshold amount of reporting materials which pass through your processes or if you release these materials offsite. Form A and Form R Reports can be filed by any of the three acceptable means. Hazardous Waste Management is a special challenge for many companies trying to comply with all the laws and stay competitive. APS has cost effective solutions to both RCRA and non-RCRA waste management activities. Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures Plans (SPCC), Injury & Illness Prevention Programs (IIPP) can be the foundation or umbrella program depending on how your company is structured. This program can be the cornerstone for other proactive solutions to managing all of your company's risks. The proper selection of appropriate safety devices can be the difference between increasing workplace safety or increasing the occurrence of workplace injuries. The improper safety apparatus or its improper use can actually increase the likelihood of injury or illness in the workplace. Recent changes in stormwater have many hidden agendas granting implied liability to third parties.  It is prudent to know exactly what is required as opposed to what is suggested.  You must also treat every storm event as you would a slip and fall or any other applicable high liability event. Do not allow yourself to create a liability which did not exist before you created it.
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