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At APS we bring experience as first responders, industry professionals, and community based outreach & response support programs. This permeates all aspects of our approach to the complex and sensitive issues which surround proper proper security measures and the identification and protection of critical nodes and assets in both processes and infrastructure protection management and Buffer Zone Protection Plans. We firmly believe that a layered defense is a more reliable defense. When an area wide disaster occurs, preservation of the scene is critical to learn more about the act of nature, or recreate the accident which led to the series of unfortunate events, or to convict the perpetrator of a terrorist act on domestic soil. Protecting your assets against a potential weapons of mass destruction attack can be more attainable and affordable than you think. There are many cost effective options which work. Creating a Response Plan which complies with NIMS and the National Response Plan (NRP) and provides the proper level of autonomy to encourage buy in at all levels and all disciplines. Continuity of Operations is essential to recovering from a disaster.  Let APS help design a Continuity of Operations Plan which is attainable, exercisable, and adaptable to the wide array of threats and vulnerabilities which could trigger it. APS has the experience to understand the proactive functional relationship between threats and risks, thus focusing your efforts on the threats which have the greatest possibility of harming you. 
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