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RESILIENCY Planning the Continuity Of Essential Operations & Services
At APS we bring experience of first responders, industry professionals, and community based outreach & response support programs. This permeates all aspects of our approach to the complex and sensitive issues which surround the proper planning and preparation to achieve resiliency in all of the 18 sectors. Identification of your essential functions and core capabilities is the foundation on which the entire plan is built.  As certified continuity practitioners, we design plans which minimize your potential losses as a result of a wide variety of loss scenarios.  The training and documentation APS provides is designed from decades of loss recovery experience.  This insures you maximize your insurance claim process by complying with all your policy conditions. APS is experienced with federal, tribal, regional, state, operational area, county, city, municipal, GOCO, COAD, and VOAD continuity planning.  As Master Exercise Practitioners we design your training program to meet your capabilities and needs for both an adequate response to the event itself and continuity of your mission essential functions, essential functions and targeted capabilities.  APS also has experience with Military Emergency Management Specialties & Operations as well as Civilian Military Operations Centers.  We understand the legal use of Title 10, Title 32 and State Defense Force (State Militia) dependent on the mission annex and the specific tasking.  We can help you write practical, usable and scalable Event/Incident Plans which are practiced on planned events and executed as incidents occur.  Our plans comply with the National Security Plan, The National Response Framework, National Continuity Directives and circulars, National Information Management System, Resource Typing, Standardized Emergency Management Systems, Defense Aid or Support to Civil Authority, and Emergency Mutual Aid Compacts.  Whether you are a Senior Elected Official or a department or agency layers deep, APS can help you assess, write, implement, exercise and evaluate your plan so when incidents and events occur, you can execute a coordinated, effective and resilient plan.
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