Do you really understand the term Cost-Effective Compliance? 

With the number and complexity of regulations and regulatory entities claiming jurisdiction over how you should run your business, it helps to have a seasoned compliance team to keep you operations both compliant and profitable.  Cost-effective compliance is the tradecraft which evaluates all the factors affecting your business bottom line not just the obvious ones. The most destructive losses to businesses are the loss of well trained employees or well run operations which suffer a sudden loss or significant damage.  Protecting one’s employees and operations is not not required by law but also makes good business sense.  APS uses actual loss data to focus on which threats have actually cause injury to persons or damage to operations.  It is our 35 plus years of experience which keeps us focused on what what truly keeps you safe. With 85 percent of the country’s critical infrastructure in private hands, it has become increasingly important that corporate safety and security plans achieve a level of effectiveness that is not only sufficient from a bottom-line perspective, but also complies with national safety and security objectives.  Secure workplaces attract better employees and give confidence to your clients. Protection of the environment for ourselves, our families, and our communities is a team effort.  It takes the village to protect the village.  APS has innovated many resource conservation, effluent control, and waste minimization systems over the last four decades.  Chances are we have the right solution for you. The acquisition, movement, storage, staging, and delivery of your operation is a fluid system with many rigid parameters.  From dangerous goods and hazardous substances to universal wastes and special handling instructions, APS can help you maximize the flow of your operations.  Resiliency is the ability of a business to adapt to the changing marketplace and regulatory environment.  APS is always looking at the new regulations coming down the pipeline in order to plan ahead more effectively.  Having plans, equipment or suppliers lined up before a loss event minimizes the disruption of essential operations and insures your clients remain satisfied. APS has pioneered a point-based system that quickly and correctly identifies the areas within a company that require improvement and has the in-house expertise to deliver precisely tailored documentation and training programs that meet corporate needs and satisfy government qualification standards. Ask how APS can help. © 2016 - APS